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Ohana is the first line of cigars made by Familia Rodriguez Tabacos LLC., which is a brand new company owned by Ryan and Frank Rodriguez, father and son. The cigars are a super limited release with only 500 total boxes of the “ First Generation” and 300 total boxes of “Friends and Family”. A total of 800 boxes.

Ohana is the Hawaiian word used to describe family and close friends. I have had so much support from my family and friends that I wanted a name that embodied what these relationships meant to us. The cigar industry is one big family. We share a unique bond outside of all others.  We are dedicated to making the best cigars possible , and look forward to making many more in the future, and expanding our Friendships & Family!

The Ohana Friends and Family blend will most definitely be in my top ten cigars for 2015. Even though we are young in the year, I cannot imagine many cigars will surpass this blend. I feel like the Friends and Family will appeal to many palates, specifically Habanos smokers and medium smokers like myself. However, there was enough body and spice at the end, I would not be surprised if fans of fuller bodied cigars are attracted to the Ohana blend. The balance and finish are undeniable really, and the mark of excellent tobacco. I love it when a cigar can deliver clean spice notes that do not cause palate burn, or leave a nasty taste in the back of my mouth. This is a box buy easy, if not boxes of multiple sizes if they are ten count really. The Ohana represents the evolution of Nicaraguan blending, from overpowering palates for the sake of power, to delivering full flavor, body, and balance with unique tobacco flavors akin to Nicaragua and a fantastic finish. Hats off to Rodriguez and crew for putting out such a fantastic first blend.